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SDF is an industry leader in the provision of Integrated Drilling Waste Management Services.



As part of the dividend of her alliance with Halliburton in the provision of completion services to oil companies such as SPDC, SDF has diversified into Well Testing, through an alliance with PowerWell. The SDF/PowerWell alliance has carried out major gas well testing for SPDC in Zarama, Utorogu, Afam fields, and achieving gas rates of over 70MMscf.

SDF is currently in Well Test services with CETCO Oilfield Services as its technical partner. With this giant stride, SDF is building capability and capacity to become a major player in this sector.

Our Work Experience: The Company since 1992 has been doing business with Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited, Eastern and Western Divisions and other companies within Rivers State. The Company at a point in time handled all of the Waste Management jobs in SPDC worth Thirty – five Million US Dollars ($35M) and one billion-naira (N1b) in local currency.

The company also had a contract, which is Waste Management Services Subcontract (Module 2) Offshore Shell EA Field Development Project valued at US$10.0Mln. We handled the Solids Control Equipment Rental and Services aspect of an SPDC Integrated contract with Tecon and this contract is worth over $65.4Mln + N1.8Bln and also haulage of Cuttings and Waste for SPDC offshore locations (Noble Don Walker & ENSCO 100). In addition to Waste Management Services, we also rendered agency services to ENSCO Drilling Company Nigeria Limited that owns the HPHT rig which is currently working for different oil drilling companies in Nigeria. SDFL also renders marines services to oil companies. We covered the marine spread for the ENSCO 100 and we also supplied vessels to SPDC. We had about four (4) supply boats and six (6) crew boats working at various locations then. It is the intention of SDF to be a major player in this sector and that is why we have put in place machinery to expand our marine operations.

In addition to Waste Management services, SDF expanded into Solids Control in the year 2003 through the Smart Integrated contract with Tecon. Currently SDF has ventured into Well Completion Services with brine filtration as its main business in Well Completion.

SDF acquired a THOR System which is the first indirect thermal desorption unit designed specifically to remove hydrocarbons from drilled cuttings and recover clean base fluid – oil or synthetic. Indirect thermal desorption is safe, reliable, and economical. Contaminants can be recovered and recycled into useful products and treated cuttings can be returned to the environment reducing future liability. The SDF THOR System combines innovative technology from Brandt with SDF's proven experience in waste management to provide a new standard for "green" drilling operations in West Africa.

SDF provides the following services to the oil and gas industry
Drilling Waste management (cuttings haulage – "skip and ship"; cuttings/fluids re-injection, cuttings driers, low temperature thermal desorption with oil recovery, handling and storage, spent fluid treatment)
Solids control rental (centrifuges, shakers, hi-G driers)
Drilling rig support (manpower, logistics(land and marine), rig move)
Vessel and tank cleaning
Storage tank rental
Brine filtration
Well testing
General oilfield logistics support (heavy truck (low & flat bed), tugs; barges; PSV's, AHTS vessels)



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